We Belive in TEAMWORK!

Our team is the fulcrum around which the excellence and proficiency of our team is knit around. A melting pot of skill, talent and passion, every department of Meltwater Events Pvt Ltd. is helmed and supported by a wealth of experience and exuberance that is unmatched in every category, be it Corporate Events, Outdoor Activations, Annual Exhibitions, Social Events, Family Events, Personal Events.

We bring every sinew of our practical and innovative abilities to the fore in every aspect of the event. Our team goes about every event with passion and energy as if it were the first project and completes it with peerless confidence, resolve and insight.

Expertise & Resources Are Segregated Into:

Venue Selection
Theme Ideation & Design
Gifiting & Give Aways
Technical Aspects

Artist and Activity Selection
Coordination & Communication
Permission & Licensing

Our Core Team